Christina McDowell

“A searing memoir of loss and redemption."  (People Magazine)

"Christina McDowell exposes the side of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ we didn’t get to see." (Metro US)


"A gritty, heart-wrenching memoir." (


"McDowell traces how her privileged family lost everything...and that was only the beginning of her nosedive." (O Magazine)


"Christina McDowell opens up about her Wolf of Wall Street life." (


"[A] buzzy book...McDowell lays bare the sad and sordid aftermath of her father's deserved downfall." (Sherryl Connelly New York Daily News)


“[Christina McDowell] reflects on how facing up to loss can lead to new beginnings.” (Porter Magazine)


"[Christina McDowell] has written a memoir about the fallout from her father's crimes, a tale of the American Dream upended." (The Village Voice, Fifteen Books You Need to Read in 2015)


"After Perfect tells the story of a young woman born into a seemingly perfect life of country clubs, private planes and expensive educations. At 18, her world is shattered when her successful lawyer father--an associate of "Wolf of Wall Street" Jordan Belfort's--is sentenced to prison for a crime he claims he didn't commit. Forced to question everything she ever knew about her family and herself, she goes into an emotional free fall as she attempts to navigate life in the "real" world without skills, support, or a true sense of her history. Beautifully written, impossible to put down, and searingly honest. This book is a dream read." (Laurie Sandell, author of The Impostor's Daughter, and Truth and Consequences: Life Inside the Madoff Family)


"With insight and vulnerability, McDowell slowly tears apart the denial and ignorance that sustained her privileged upbringing, and illustrates how a downward spiral can, in brave hands, be a prelude to a hopeful reinvention." (J. Ryan Stradal, New York Times bestselling author of Kitchens of the Great Midwest)

In the tradition of New York Times bestsellers What Remains by Carole Radziwill and Oh the Glory of It All by Sean Wilsey, Christina McDowell’s unflinching memoir is a brutally honest, cautionary tale about one family’s destruction in the wake of the Wall Street implosion.

Christina McDowell was born Christina Prousalis. She had to change her name to be legally extricated from the trail of chaos her father, Tom Prousalis, left in the wake of his arrest and subsequent imprisonment as one of the guilty players sucked into the collateral fallout of Jordan Belfort (the “Wolf of Wall Street”). Christina worshipped her father and the seemingly perfect life they lived…a life she finds out was built on lies. Christina’s family, as is typically the case, had no idea what was going on. Nineteen-year-old Christina drove her father to jail while her mother dissolved in denial.

Since then, Christina’s life has been decimated. As her family floundered in rehab, depression, homelessness, and loss, Christina succumbed to the grip of alcohol, drugs, and promiscuity before finding catharsis in the most unlikely of places. From the bucolic affluence of suburban Washington, DC, to the A-list clubs and seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, this provocative memoir unflinchingly describes the harsh realities of a fall from grace. Full of nineties nostalgia and access to the inner circles of the Washingtonian societal elite, Christina McDowell’s beautiful memoir is a Blue Jasmine story from a daughter’s perspective.